Why do Thais love their King?

Why do Thais love their King?

The monarchy has been central to the Thai identity for over 700 years. The bond between the Thai people and this principal institution is deeply rooted in the history of Thai nationhood itself. Nevertheless, it is also the person of the King himself and what he has done which has earned him and the monarchy the love and respect of Thais.

His Majesty the King has been an inspiration for the Thai people, always having their welfare at the uppermost of his mind. For over sixty years, he has been working hard for the well-being of his subjects in keeping with his Accession Oath to “reign with righteousness for the benefit and happiness of the Siamese people.”

Since early in his reign, His Majesty the King travelled to all corners of Thailand, reaching the remotest, most dangerous parts, talking to the poor and vulnerable, to understand their ways and problems and find ways to help them. In this regard, he has initiated more than 4,000 Royal Development Projects, in such areas as irrigation, farming, drought and flood alleviation, crop substitution, public health, distance learning, employment promotion and traffic alleviation. These have touched the lives of many Thais – particularly farmers. He has also invented various tools and techniques which have been used for rural development – such as rain-making, soil erosion prevention and water purification. The sufficiency economy philosophy he has conceptualised – which emphasizes moderation, responsible consumption and resilience to external shocks – also provides guidance for individuals and business alike on sustainable living and undertakings as well as developing immunity against economic shocks.

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